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The Airbike is a front wheel drive, centre steering recumbent with dual 26" wheels.
The rear wheel suspension is by a rubber block. Overall weight is approximately 17 kg, with rear carrier.
Magura hydraulic brakes front and rear. Frame and seat can easily be folded at the central hinge and the rear wheel suspension.

Riding the centre steering principle has the whole drive train fixed to the front half of the frame which turns on a hinge just below the front end of the seat. So for steering, the legs of the rider have to move sideways which is quite an new experience for the beginner. Yes, there is an under seat handlebar, too, but you should not be surprised to find your legs much stronger than your arms. Thus, the airbike is in fact steered by the legs, the handlebars mainly being the support for brake handles and gear levers. Not quite what the average cyclist is used to.

Very few cases have been reported of people who stepped on an airbike and were able to ride off without problems. However, any average mortal person can also lern how to ride the bike, it's just a matter of determination and patience, to different degrees. The latter usually is counted in days or weeks. After having gained full control over the machine (we are talking months now), the ride on an airbike is said to have a kind of metaphysical quality which more than rewards the candidate for all the pain and suffering he has gone through on his way towards perfection.

The experience of riding an airbike is most enjoyable in its purity if one is able to empty one's mind (in a similar manner to a Zen meditation exercise) from all thoughts and, in particular, fears. Next, it is important to maintain this centred and fully relaxed state of mind (and body!) in order to control the machine just as if it was a part of the rider's own body. Then, and only then, the system of man and machine will be fully mind controlled rather than thought controlled and the bike will go wherever the rider's mind is directing it. A sense of gliding over the street tarmac similar to flying is often reported.

Jürgen Mages 16.9.2001


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